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Job search skills can help you land the work you want. Discover how and where to look for, get and keep the job that fits you in today’s labour market.


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Youth Employment Information
This web site provides information to help youth overcome the “no experience/no job paradox”, as well as resources related to career profiles, internships, education, local job listings, volunteer work, and more. The Youth Achievement section features profiles of successful Canadian youth. The Canadian Youth Connection (CYC) Forum allows youth from across Canada to interact with each other, and to voice their opinions about services offered to youth. Disponible en français aussi.

Surfing for Work in BC
This tutorial helps job seekers use the Internet to find work. Topics include researching potential employers, electronic resumes and job applications, and online job search strategies. Surfing for Work also provides help in conducting industry-specific research for job search purposes, with links to selected web sites that provide focused employment information for that industry.

Service Canada: Job Bank
This site features the largest Web-based network of job postings available to Canadians. It provides up to 40,000 job postings and up to 2,000 new jobs posted every day. It also contains a new feature called Job Match that allows job seekers to actively search for employers who have job opportunities that match their skills set. Includes links to government jobs, labour market information and other job sites. Disponible en français aussi.

A newspaper and webzine designed to help BC students and out of school youth make the transition to work or further schooling. Informative and lively sharing of youths’ solutions for easing life’s transitions.

Blueprint: Create work you want
The Blueprint for Life/Work Designs is geared to help youth and adults actively create the life they want to live and the work they want to do. This site helps you discover the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to effectively design and manage your life, work and career. Disponible en francais aussi.

Work Destinations
Designed primarily for professionals or trade people moving within or immigrating to Canada. This site provides information on regulated trades and professions in Canada including basic entry, qualification and certification requirements. Requirements for recognition of qualification obtained outside Canada are also available. Disponible en francais aussi.

Employment Access Strategy for Immigrants (EASI) – Looking Ahead
This website was created to help skilled immigrants prepare to seek work in BC before they leave their country of origin and after they have landed. It also contains information on how to find work, information on credential recognition and information on community services available to help new immigrants settle successfully in BC.